Account Opening For Individual Clients

An account can be opened with Emerio Banque Ltd either individually or jointly by several account owners (joint accounts).

To open an account, an individual client should provide Emerio Banque Ltd with the following documents:

* A passport : to be copied and certified by an employee of Emerio. In exceptional cases, Emerio will accept a copy of a passport, certified by a notary and apostilled.

* An original document confirming the applicant's permanent residential address. Emerio accepts the following recent (up to six months old) documents: utility bills, a telephone/internet local line bill, a local authority tax bill, house insurance and a bank statement only.

* An Account Application Form, a Personal Questionnaire, the letter of notification on Defence Tax, FATCA, CRS Self Certification Form and Signature Specimen Card. All signatures must be certified by a Certifying Officer/Notary Public unless signed in the presence of one of Emerio's employees.

* Emerio Banque Ltd will request a face-to-face meeting with an individual who has applied to open an account and who is authorized to operate the account. Emerio reserves the right to request any other documentation / information it considers necessary in order to fulfill its commitment to perform a complete “Know Your Client” check on its clients.

For further information, please contact our office directly or call +44 203 059 7831.

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