About Emerio

Emerio Banque Ltd is an Innovative global Trade Finance and Investment firm with a strong team of business professionals with varied experience in Banking and Financial Services. From our Head Office in Bristol and Representative Offices in London, Dubai, Chennai, Bangkok and Singapore we operate a universal model serving thousands of International clients across Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific. We are a relationship-driven global institution, focused on building long-term partnerships based on a foundation of trust, stability and integrity. We are fully committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. This encompasses accurate and transparent reporting and full compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our business. We also established effective corporate governance processes and procedures in line with international best practice.

Emerio’s years of experience in a wide range of industries ranging from trade financial instruments to Investment services combined with an outstanding group of professionals and a winning approach broadens our proven capabilities and enhances our ability to identify, confront and resolve any commercial challenge for our clients. We make it a point to know our clients’ requirements in complete detail so that we can provide the right guidance and advice to help them attain their goals. Our dynamism and adaptability to suit local and client specific needs, is a major advantage enabling clients achieve their objectives in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.


Emerio Banque Ltd uses KYC "Know Your Customer" method as a basic tool for meeting stringent compliance regulations. Our KYC process includes but is not limited to the following:

• Collection and Analysis of basic custom identity (CIP Program)
• Name matching against known agency lists
• Expectation of transactions and realistic customer goals


Emerio Banque Ltd uses AML "Anti-Money Laundering" method as a further mechanism to ensure legitimate business transactions. Our AML process includes but is not limited to the following:

• Construction of protocols to detect fraudulent transactions
• Report to necessary authorities those suspected of money laundering
• Customer identification retained for at least 5 years to ensure prolonged security


Emerio Banque Ltd installs internal procedures that employees must follow and maintain. This helps determine if at any point of the transaction process an error has been made.

Emerio Banque SWIFT Code: EMEIGB22

We are able to manage and control the confidentiality of our clients while providing deal completion.

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