Corporate Social Responsibility - Emerio Banque

Sponsorship and charity initiatives reflects Emerio's commitment to a sustainable community development.

The support of charity organisations, arts and culture, health services, sports, environmental protection and public assistance is the back-bone of the our CSR programme. Emerio Banque shares a common vision for the future with the local community and strives to make it a better one. Every initiative we participate in, whether it is a charity organisation, a medical, cultural or an educational one is directed towards making the world a better place.

Encouraging cross-cultural ties is another axis Emerio invests in through the support of events aiming to advance understanding and closer relations between countries.

Due to our strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Americas, Emerio helps establish cooperation and cultural exchange between regional governments, business leaders and decision makers.

CSR initiatives also include an employee engagement agenda that encourages volunteering and serves the our main goal to building a socially responsible business

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