Bank Guarantee Services To Facilitate Global Trade

Bank guarantee is a legal financial instrument issued by any bank with a commitment of paying exporters on-time with a full or remaining amount in the event if the buyer is unable to pay or perform the terms & conditions of the agreement.

We at Emerio Banque help worldwide exporters ensure secure performance and payment by providing suitable bank guarantee services while carrying out an extensive business transaction or a high-value project or receiving an advance payment for a project. You can get our safe and customized bank guarantee services for both domestic and international transactions to assure your suppliers. What makes a bank guarantee is an effective financial instrument to avoid global payment risks against importers is the legal guarantee provided by a third-party ie. bank.

Benefits of Bank Guarantees/ Payment Guarantee Letter

Our Bank Guarantee Services facilitate international trade transactions for both exporter and the importer with a pool of benefits. On the importer's front, it paints a picture of creditworthiness, which is a virtue that no importer would like to miss out on. Further, it plays an important role while settling prepayments as the exporter can ignore by keeping the strong creditworthiness of the importer in mind.

The legal surety of International Payment through Bank Guarantee Services pushes the exporter to plan for expansion of business considering low-risk factors. It originates from the fact that with the issuance of the bank's Bank guarantee letter, the exporters are relieved about complete and timely payment. So, they can manage the cash flows with a forward-looking approach.

Types of Bank Guarantee Letters Offered By Emerio Banque:

- Performance Bank guarantees
- Tender guarantees
- Payment Guarantee Service
- Advance payment Guarantee

If you are an importer/exporter and looking for a bank guarantee letter, then Emerio is the best option to make your international transaction secure and hassle-free. The issuance of Bank Guarantee Services is no longer a tiresome process with Emerio Banque’s absolute issuance process. With our bank guarantee services, the importers can safely fund their overseas transactions while the exporters get the accountability of the bank for covering their due amount because of the buyer’s incapability.

Why do you need Emerio Banque as a guarantor?

Having a bank guarantor brings a lot of advantages to the table when it comes to international trade. To begin with,

- From an importer’s point of view, it helps to draw more lucrative contracts as the exporter has payment security.
- From an exporter’s point of view, it helps to mitigate the high payment risks of international trade.

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