Brokerage services

Emerio Banque Ltd provides access to a wide range of securities and also offers services for the structuring of complex transactions, purchasing of shares, acquiring a share in the capital of companies.

We employ state of the art infrastructure designed to provide quick and efficient client-focused brokerage service to investors.

Emerio provides investment services and activities to investors considered to be Professional investors or Eligible Counterparties in accordance with the MiFID categorization rules.

On matters relating to the categorization of clients, as well as to obtain more information about Emerio’s investment products and services, please contact your personal manager at one of our officer, or Emerio Online Secure Login.

The main features of brokerage services

-Trading of securities: equities and bonds issued by international issuers, ADR, GDR, ETF etc.;
-Operation time for clients’ instructions: 10:00 – 17:30 UK time;
-English, Chinese, Tamil, Hindi, Thai and Spanish speaking investment services professionals;
-Special tariffs for large transactions.

The advantages of brokerage services

-Access to a wide range of financial instruments traded on international financial markets via our wide network of partners on all of the world’s key trading floors;
-Competitive tariffs and individual approach;
-Modern infrastructure for brokerage operations on the FOREX market, with securities and for REPO transactions;
-The opportunity to conclude REPO deals for securities deposited with Emerio Banque, in order to attract short-term finance.

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