REPO transactions

Emerio Banque Ltd offers owners of securities held in our custody a quick and effective way of attracting short-term finance against those securities, through REPO transactions.

Emerio Banque provides investment services and activities to investors considered to be Professional investors or Eligible Counter-parties in accordance with the MiFID categorization rules.

On matters relating to the categorization of clients, as well as to obtain more information about our investment products and services, please contact your personal manager at one of the our offices or Emerio Online Secure Login.

Key parameters of REPO transactions

- The mechanism for a REPO transaction operates on the basis that, for the period of the loan, the securities that are being offered as collateral become the property of Emerio Banque Ltd, with the client obliged to buy the securities back from Emerio Banque Ltd when the period of the transaction ends.
- These transactions are regulated by internationally recognised standard contracts: Global Master Repurchase Agreement (GMRA);
- Once the term of the contract ends, it may be possible to rollover the REPO transaction.
- Only marketable securities named in a list approved by Emerio Banque Ltd may be offered as collateral for such transactions.

The advantages of REPO operations

- A way of transforming investments into funds for a short period of time without any need to eliminate your existing investment position;
- Using credit leveraging for operations with securities is a convenient way to receive a short-term loan against securities held in the Emerio's custody;
-Competitive rates of interest.

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