Payroll Services

Emerio Banque provides the best payroll services to the business firms, wherein a business house need not worry about the responsibility. The employees, on the other hand, receive their due in the right timeline, adhering to all the legalities. All of it happens in real quick time and with less complexity.

Benefit of Payroll services for the company

- For native accounts, i.e. accounts that are in the Emerio Banque, the transfer of payment bears no cost. For accounts outside of Emerio Banque, a fee of 20 Euro is charged on the transaction.
- Disbursement of salary is made according to the predetermined time frame.
- Special emphasis is paid on the secrecy of the process so that the sanctity of the process is not tainted.
- With the use of Emerio secure online login, some of the services can be availed 24x7.

Payroll services benefit for the employee

- A sense of security as the employees get their due in time without any discrepancies.
- Employees enjoy a great deal of secrecy and confidentiality of personal information.
- With Emerio Banque online secure login, the worker can get every detail of their account from practically anywhere.
- Emerio Banque has a Gold and Classic package with different sets of services for the native account holders.

The process breakdown

- The payment process begins with the upload of payment details in the XML format through Emerio's online secure login.
- Once all the payment details are fed into the system, the payments are disbursed for Emerio and other account holders.
- The Emerio online secure login brings to the fore advanced payment tools using which the company can meet different types of payment requirements.
- All of these payment activities are carried through layers of security that start with encryption of accounts.

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