Documentary Collection Services

Documentary Collection Services, in the world of trade finance, is a means to facilitate the payment mechanism. It is considered to be one of the simplest and quickest tools to facilitate international trade payments.

In this mode, the exporter forwards the documents related to the shipment to their bank, post which the bank of the exporter further forwards the documents to the importer bank with a request to release payment after verifying the authenticity of the documents.

We are a leading documentary collection service provider in the international market and also facilitating import/export transactions with its wide range of trade finance services.

Documents Collection Services Against Payment

By providing this type of documentary collection services, we allow exporter to get the payment at sight. In other words, when the buyer is presented with the draft, he must pay to the exporter's bank. The buyer's banks notify the buyer regarding the consignment and passes on the documents, like bills of lading only after the receipt of the payment. This is called a collection against payment.

Documentary Collection Services Against Acceptance

In this second scenario of documentary collection services, the importer does not have to pay ‘at sight’. Here,the importer provides some sort of guarantee for deferred payments and pays the exporters on a specific date. Such a form of negotiation is called collection against acceptance.

Both the collecting and remitting bank, representing the importer and the exporter respectively, do not bear any risk. They just handle the flow of documents. This is one of the crucial aspects that need to be taken into account in the documentary collection process.

Why Emerio Banque

Emerio Banque has been handling the international trade for clients relating to documentary collections for a long while now. We are providing our valuable support in every aspect of documentary collection services, from issuing, advising, amending, confirming and paying to the settlement and management of documentary collection. You can also refer our documentary collection guide to understand the process in a better way. We instill faith in the exporter that the transfer of documents will only be made after the payment is received or draft is accepted by the importer. Our agenda is to help and guide every importer and exporter out there regarding speeding-up their global trade process using our documentary collection services.

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