Fixed Term Deposits

Emerio Banque has been providing fixed-term deposit options to clients in various forms. The fixed deposit section has been optimized to include modern elements of savings.

With the presence of a wide range of term options to invest in, we also provide deposit options for all forms of currencies - US Dollar, Indian Rupee, and Euro among many others. This is one of the key benefits of availing our fixed deposit solutions.

We have witnessed over the years how beneficial it can be to have reserves of foreign currency in the fixed term deposit scheme. It can provide a great deal of security assurance while dealing with companies across borders. Such reserves act as a cushion to pay dues on behalf of clients when things go downhill.

Fixed deposit solutions by Emerio

Emerio Banque term deposit services come with greater flexibility in terms of investing and withdrawing money. The extent of flexibility comes to light when our experts guide the client about our three different forms of term deposits - investor fixed-term deposit, gradual fixed-term deposit, and flexible fixed-term deposit.

We also provide instant updates and easy accessibility of information regarding the term deposits. The notification aspect is handled with SMS service, while the Emerio Online Secure Login helps to keep track of the transaction.

Investor Fixed-term Deposit

In the case of investor fixed-term deposit, the maximum amount that can be deposited is 100,000 Euros. The amount can be deposited into a single or joint account. The duration of the deposit ranges from six months to three years. This form of deposit fetches a high rate of interest, which is transferred to the client's current account.

Gradual Rate

The gradual fixed-term deposit is made for one year. In this case, clients can end the term deposit in the first three months. In such a situation, they are eligible for 15% of the prevailing rate of interest. The numbers for the termination in six and nine months are 45% and 70% respectively.


As the name suggests, a flexible fixed-term deposit allows adding and withdrawing funds within the specific min and max range. Generally, the max amount is 2.5 times the minimum amount. Here, the interest payment is made on a monthly and quarterly basis.

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