Emerio Banque allows the clients to have accounts that comply with transactions in various currencies to foster international trade payments.

Having a multi-currency account can be useful for enterprises, regardless of their size, while dealing in international trade. We believe that clients with current accounts are most flexible in making or receiving payments in foreign currency.

Over the years, we have seen enterprises getting reduced profits, as they undertake the payment and receipt of money in the traditional way rather than for a current account.

This is where we come in, and play the role of advisor informing about the pros and cons of having separate accounts to deal with multi-currency transactions.

Another important pain point that the current accounts directly address is the speed of the transaction. In the conventional form of transaction, a lot of time is soaked up, and in the rapidly developing economy, where the currency is fast-changing hands, you cannot afford to be sloppy.

Emerio Banque understands the demands of the changing international trade landscape, so we try to shape our accounts services accordingly to comply with the change. We have added a snapshot of our current account services below, along with a feature description for a better understanding.

Current accounts

These types of accounts can be opened to manage currencies, like US Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, and Euros. Clients can also create joint accounts for beneficiaries as this reduces complexity in trade payment.

Clients can also track the financial activity processed on their accounts online through mobile and laptop devices.

Features of Emerio Banque Current Accounts Ltd

- We allow our clients to choose between Emerio Gold and Classic packages to avail of specific financial features.
- Real-time SMS notification for any form of transaction.
- Clients can reap benefits from the SWIFT system of international payment.

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