International Letter Of Credit Services

Planning to expand your business overseas or facing payment difficulties in dealing with unknown international suppliers? Assure on-time payment to the seller with our letter of credit and make overseas business transactions easier.

An International Letter Of Credit or a Bank Credit Letter is a payment guarantee issued by an importer's bank in the favor of exporters for secure payments in exchange of their shipped/delivered goods and services. Letter of credit is the most secure, safe and legal financial instrument used in global trade businesses to ensure on-time payments.

Process Of Acquiring A Letter Of Credit From Emerio Banque

The entire process of acquiring a letter of credit from Emerio Banque is easy, quicker and flexible. Here are certain steps that a potential importer needs to follow:

  • 1. First, you approach us - Being an importer, when you are executing an overseas transaction with an exporter and in case if the exporter demands a payment guarantee for secured transaction, we help you provide a payment surety letter with the issuance of our letter of credit in favor of the exporter. Emerio Banque then sends LC to the exporter’s advising bank.

  • 2. Seller ships the goods - After receiving bank credit letter, the exporter’s bank verifies the authenticity of the bank credit letter and then instructs the seller to ship the goods.

  • 3. Documents are presented to the confirming bank - After shipping goods as per the Payment credit letter(LC) agreement, the exporter presents the evidential documents of Shipment to the advising/confirming bank.

  • 4. We settle the final payment - When we receive documents from the confirming bank with a request to release the final payment, we conduct a thorough verification check of the documents and process the funds according to the terms and conditions of bank credit letter(LC).

Types of Bank Letter of Credit Served by Emerio Banque

  • 1. Revocable and Irrevocable LC

  • 2. Confirmed and Unconfirmed LOC

  • 3. Transferable and Non-transferable LC

  • 4. Deferred or Usance LC

  • 5. Red Clause LOC

  • 6. Commercial LC

  • 7. Standby Letter Of Credit

  • 8. Back-to-Back LC etc.

How Emerio's Letter of Credit Services can help Businesses Grow?

At the time of initiating an overseas transaction with an unknown party, the exporters want to be assured about the safe and secured payment execution for the shipped goods and services. Here a bank credit letter services can help you securing your international payments against exporter's goods and services as it provides payment guarantee with flexible payment terms.

Emerio Banque is a trusted global financial institution providing payment credit letter services to the importers to facilitate the global trade Payment. With our years of experience in import/export financing, we are offering letter of credit services as well as other international financial instruments depending on the financial goals of an overseas business. We strive to bring operational efficiency, security and long-term growth in your business with our wide range of financial instruments.

We understand your requirements for expanding businesses globally, and with our letters of credit services, you can leave your global payment worries up-to us. Let us handle all your LC/LOC requirements with our expertise and quality assistance in dealing with all types of letter of credit in international trade.

The advantages of Letters of Credit

For Buyer

- First and foremost, the buyer does not have to deal with pre-payment requirements.
- The buyer creates an image of financial strength removing the air around payment capabilities.
- Ease in dealing with companies based abroad, devoid of any apprehension, especially regarding delivery delays due to payment uncertainties.
- Payment is not initiated by the bank until the package is received on time and meets the terms mentioned in the agreement. In case of any discrepancy, the payment is withheld.
- With the issuance of the global payment instrument, Bank Letter of Credit, the buyer or the importer can work on a deferred payment mechanism, thanks to the creditworthiness portrayed by the bank on behalf of the importer with the issue of LC.

For Seller

- The biggest advantage that comes to the fore with the issue of payment guarantee letter (LC) for exporters is the security of payments. In fact, with letters of credit, the trade risk is evenly distributed between both the parties.
- If the terms of the contract are complied with, the exporter will get the payment regardless of the false quality complaints of the goods.
- International Letter of Credit helps to minimize the risk of incurring losses due to production cost, in case of cancellation or change in the order midway through the production process.

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