Barclays Launches Trade Finance Platform In B2B Payments

To boost the efficiency and reliability of B2B payments, a corporate trade finance platform has been introduced by Barclays while B2B data capabilities by Adobe on its real-time Customer Data Platform. In addition to this, Zact has also brought an expense management solution, Monit introduced the latest small business Banking-as-a-Service features while Jack Henry & Plaid are teamed-up. 

Barclays Now Operates With CGI To Apply Business Finance Platform 

To put CGI Trade360 System in place, Barclays Corporate Banking is considering CGI that will facilitate the global trade finance opportunities to the customers of Banks in Britain and worldwide, as per the Tuesday (Nov. 24) announcement. James Binns, global head of trade and working capital at Barclays said, “We have a longstanding partnership with CGI, and the CGI Trade360 platform will mean we can continue delivering the best possible trade solutions and service to our clients for many years to come,”

B2B Capability by Adobe for Customer Data Platform

Adobe is broadening the boundaries for its Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) offering to include B2B data and workflows, as per the company’s announcement on a Tuesday (Nov.24), enhancing the last year’s version that was available only with brands. These new initiatives by Adobe will help companies in generating, controlling, and activating unified people along with account profiles, and will also enable teams to synchronize compatible account-based experiences across several channels and teams at-scale based on a thorough understanding of customers, as per the company’s statement. These new add-ons will be accessible in the coming year.

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Zact Implemented Improved Linked Payments, Expense Management System

Zact, California-based FinTech has implemented its linked payments and expenditure management system, as per the Tuesday (Nov. 24) announcement. The company is providing an approach to solve the hurdles of administering trade costs and payments, while also adjusting the requirements of the spending staff members along with the account workforce, as per the announcement. Co-Founder and CEO John Thomas said in the announcement, “We saw a real problem in expense and payment management and wanted to build an end-to-end platform, versus a point solution that only cured part of the pain”.

New Measures For Banks By Monit To Help Smbs

Monit, A predictive finance platform has initiated new features to assist banks with an improved approach towards small business customers. Monit operates with predictive intelligence to provide a “High-level Holistic” perspective on the soundness of a bank's clients. These new features will facilitate an overall view of the bank’s collected client profile, created from information from each individual business and including the information outside the extent of the bank’s internal perspective of the client. The latest updates enable banks to rectify and focus target clients for offers based on their existing and predictive signals, with maintained privacy. 

Plaid Collaborate With Jack Henry To Provide Plaid Exchange To Banks

Plaid, a FinTech startup, is collaborating with Jack Henry & Associates, a banking platform to enhance the Plaid Exchange for over 350 financial institutions. “We developed Plaid Exchange to make open finance as simple as possible for financial institutions — no matter their size. Our partnership with Jack Henry helps us bring Plaid Exchange to hundreds of regional and community banks, and helps ensure millions of people can access digital finance apps and services no matter where they choose to bank, invest and manage their money”. Niko Karvounis, Plaid head of product, institutions said in a statement on Tuesday (Nov. 24).


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