Blinken Visit Ivory Coast to Strengthen Diplomatic Ties

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken landed in Ivory Coast on Monday, the second stop of his four-nation African tour. 

During his visit, Blinken attended a soccer match at Stade Olympique Alassane Ouattara D’Ebimpé. He received a jersey with his name and said ‘that he was honored to be part of the event’. 

He praised Ivory Coast for hosting the tournament and emphasized the role of sports in "forging connections between people."

Blinken said, "While we are engaged in tangible infrastructure development between the United States and Ivory Coast, events like these contribute to building connections between people. Sports, in particular, excels at achieving this."

The secretary's African tour spans Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Angola. It's a strategic move by President Biden's administration to maintain global engagement amid crises in Ukraine, the Middle East, and the Red Sea region

Discussions will focus on regional security, conflict prevention, democracy promotion, and trade. The trip highlights the administration's efforts to boost ties in Africa through sports diplomacy and people-to-people connections.

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