ICICI Customers Can Now Execute Trade Finance Services Via Whatsapp

Now the ICICI Bank customers can create their fixed deposits, pay utility bills as well as can access a number of trade finance details instantly on Whatsapp numbers. On Thursday, ICICI Bank announced a number of services that customers can access through the Whatsapp messaging app. By launching these services, ICICI Bank becomes the first one in the industry to provide these services on Whatsapp numbers. Now ICICI bank offers over 25 services on Whatsapp that customers can avail by just simply messaging “Hi” to the bank’s verified profile number from their registered mobile number and start using services instantly.

On one hand, where the retail customers can create their FDs, or pay bills by just simply following a few clicks through Whatsapp, corporates and MSMEs owners can access their trade finance related services within a couple of seconds. Whether it is customer ID, Import Export (IE) code, limited credit facilities from the Bank, the status of pending inward remittances, or history of inward remittances, all these services can be accessed on-the-go.

Bijith Bhaskar, Head- Digital Channels & Partnership, ICICI Bank said, “With the growing prominence of social media in every-day life, we believe that banking on WhatsApp offers immense convenience to our customers. Over two million users have adopted banking services on WhatsApp in a short span of six months. Enthused by the response, we have added these new industry-first services. WhatsApp Banking is now available for retail, NRI, corporate, and MSME customers with a variety of services."

The above-mentioned trade finance services are only available for current account customers with enabled trade finance services.

To start using Whatsapp Banking services, you need to:

  • 1. Send a “Hi” on the ICICI Bank’s verified Whatsapp profile number, (86400 86400) from your registered mobile number. You will be shown a list of services available.

  • 2. Just type a keyword from the list for the particular service you require.

  • Steps To Use Simple Trade Finance Related Banking Services On Whatsapp:

    • 1. To Check customer ID & Import Export (IE) Code - You need customer ID and import-export code linked to the customer account. Just type keyword like

    • 2. To Access Credit Limit - The customers can check the limits of all the available credit facilities with the bank along with the limit ID, total amount of sanction limit, available limit as well as credit limit’s validity on Whatsapp. Type keywords

    • 3. Keep track of inward remittances pending for settlement -You can check all the foreign inward remittances that are received and pending for settlement. Type keyword like

    • 4. Credit history of inward remittances - You can know about the credits received through inward remittances. Type keyword like {Statement}

    ICICI Bank launched a couple of services on Whatsapp six months ago including checking savings account balance, credit card limit, last three transactions and details of pre-approved instant loan offers, and many more.

    Source: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2083301846384/icici-lets-firms-access-trade-finance-services-via-whatsapp

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