Nigeria's first portal for multi-bank trade finance launched by Union Systems

Union Systems Limited, a top-ranking company that deals with finance technology has announced the launch of Optimus, a multi-bank portal for global trade finance. It is developed to help corporates to start, manage and maintain global transactions from a single platform. Optimus works totally on cloud computing.

Optimus can provide the corporates with the convenience of working from a remote workstation. They can observe and analyse business value-chain. The mobile responsive UI of Optimus eases the access for the corporates through laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Leading corporates can save time as Optimus enables them to access all trade transactions, view them and correct them when necessary. As a cloud-based application it also allows the corporates with easy communication and collaboration with stakeholders, employees, suppliers and team.

The launch of Optimus has made the transaction process quite simple. Earlier, corporates had to visit different bank portals to carry out online transactions but Optimus can act as a one-stop platform.

Chuks Onyebuchi, the CEO of Union Systems Limited, expressed his excitement on launching Optimus to the African market. He stated that the application is able to provide the corporates with the comfort they have been craving. He also said that how Optimus works can be beneficial for corporates to execute real-time activities, stay in touch with the suppliers and observe the supply chain whenever necessary. To see how Optimus works, request a demo on Optimus helps the corporate to manage. No matter where the shipment is coming to the users, they can track it and see the probable arrival date too.

User-friendliness is one of the primary conveniences of Optimus. The navigation facilities present in the application are easy to operate too. A dashboard is present in the application that helps the users to configure bills, documents and other vital documents related to trade. Moreover, it acts as an authentic source of trade-related reports due to its connection to different pools.

Union Systems is a Nigerian IT company based in Lagos. It has the vision to develop more advanced software to support the finance-related needs of the corporates in Africa. Optimus has just started its journey and there are high chances for its expansion as more banks kin different countries start working with it.

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