Standby Letter Of Credit (SBLC): Definition, Type & Process

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What Is A Standby Letter of Credit? Define Standby

What is the SBLC meaning in banking? A standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is a legal financial document guaranteeing an on time payment to the seller in the event if buyer defaults to pay.

A standby LOC acts as a safety net for the exporters in international transactions to ensure on-time payment for shipment of goods or complete service. It is issued by the banks to mitigate the associated overseas payment risks in international trade such as distance, or lack of trust between the two parties to the contract or different laws and regulations etc.

Types of Standby Letters of Credit

Now you know what SBLC means, its time to know the types of SBLC. There are mainly two types of standby Letter of Credit. Here they are as follows:

  1. Financial Standby LOC - By issuing a financial standby letter of credit, the respective bank or financial institution promises to pay the seller for the delivered goods or services as per the agreement within the prescribed period, simplifying SBLC payment meaning. For example, an exporter delivers goods to a foreign buyer with a promise of getting payment within 60 days. In case if the payment has not arrived, the exporter can collect payment from the buyer’s bank as per the terms of the agreement.

  2. Performance standby letter of credit- On the contrary, in a performance standby LOC, the bank provides a guarantee of completion of a particular project as per the agreement. It is a less commonly used type of trade finance giving assurance of completed projects within the scheduled time. If a bank's client defaults, it will be reimbursed by the bank. For example, An IT company hires a contractor to build his new office. If the contractor fails, the issuing bank will pay the entire or remaining amount.

  3. Advance Payment SBLC - If one party of the contract fails to pay the advance amount, it provides security to the other associated party.

  4. Bid Bond/Tender Bond Standby - It provides security against a party’s failure to complete a project if the party has been awarded the bid or the tender.

  5. Counter Standby - It is also known as a backstop or a protective SBLOC issued by a letter of credit service provider in one country to a bank in another country, requesting them to issue a new standby payment guarantee letter to the local beneficiary.

  6. Direct Pay - It is issued in the event of financial incapability of the applicant.

  7. Insurance Standby Letter of Credit  - If the applicant has approached for the insurance but fails, it secures the beneficiary.

Now you know what is standby letter of credit and its types. Now let's take a look at the parties involved:

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Parties Involved In Standby Letters Of Credit Process

1. The applicant - The person who applies for the letter of credit.

2. The Issuing Bank - Applicant/buyer’s bank that issues the standby LC.

3. The Beneficiary - Also known as exporter or seller in whose favor the letter of credit is issued.

4. Confirming Bank - The bank that adds its confirmation to the credit upon the issuing bank’s request.

5. Advising Bank - It is the bank that may accept and collect the letter of credit on behalf of the beneficiary.

How Does A Standby Letter of Credit Work?

What is SBLC? Standby letters of credit are one of the most trusted and popular types of global trade finance that provides security to worldwide exporters against the risks of non-payment or non-fulfillment of the contract. But how to apply for it?

The process of applying for an SBLC letter of credit 
is quite similar to applying for a commercial loan but in this case, the bank may ask for collateral to serve as a security in the event of the applicant's default.

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting a standby letter of credit services. Let’s have a look:

- The buyer can simply request his/her import/export financial institution to issue a standby letter of credit in the favor of the exporter. But firstly, the buyer is recommended to be aware of standby LC meaning.
- The standby letter of credit service provider then verifies the buyer’s creditworthiness to decide whether to lend with the finance or not. The buyers may be asked to provide credit history and CIBIL ratings.
- If the bank is doubtful about the reliability and capability of the applicant to pay the loan, Bank may not grant an SBLC.
- In case if there is a big valued transaction involved, the bank may ask for providing collateral. The size of the collateral depends on the involved risks.
- The additional required information in SBLCs includes the seller’s name & address, company details, the period for which the SBLC is to be taken as well as shipping documents, etc.
- Once the bank is satisfied with the buyer’s credibility & documents, it issues a standby letter of credit in the favour of beneficiary. .
- If the buyer meets all the terms & conditions of the SBLC agreement ie. pays the exporter before the due date for the goods & services, the bank will terminate the agreement without imposing a single charge to the buyer.

Pro Tip - The importers & exporters dealing in global trade & transactions need to know the standby letter of credit meaning and keep one thing in mind while applying a Standby letter of credit is not meant to be used for secured execution of transactions, rather they come into action when one of the parties defaults and the beneficiary submits the proof of the same.

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Importance of Standby LC In Global Trade & Transactions

So, what is the standby letter of credit meaning? A Standby Letter of Credit is often used in international trade & transactions involving a large requirement of money and associated risks. A standby LOC provides several benefits in executing an international trade transaction. Some of the major benefits are here as follows:

Safe Business Expansion Globally - The first and foremost benefit of issuing Standby Letter of Credit is that it establishes trustworthy relationships between the parties-to-the-contract initiating an overseas deal who don’t know each other, or have not personally met or in case of newly established trade relationships. A standby LC promotes safe and reliable business expansion on a global level.

It Is Highly Customizable - Another benefit of issuing standby LC is that both the parties to the contract ie. importers and exporters can put their terms & conditions in the agreement after giving mutual consent. It can also be customized from one transaction to another with the same transaction partner.

Seller Is Assured of Payment - This is where you should know what is SBLC payment. A standby payment guarantee letter ensures exporters that they will be paid on time by the importers because in case if importers fail to do so, the exporter can show the evidential documents to the issuing bank. Then, the bank checks the documents submitted by the beneficiary to see whether they satisfy the terms and conditions of the contract specified in the LC and pays the full amount.

Proof of Creditworthiness For Buyer - A standby LC serves as legal proof of creditworthiness for the buyer. In simple words, it assures the seller that the buyer is financially stable and is able to pay the amount. With this, the importer can execute multiple transactions at the same time as he is secured by a legal institution.

Seller Is Free From Credit Risk - A letter of credit is a safer and more financial tool for the sellers in the international market in case the buyer or importer gets bankrupt. As the creditworthiness of the buyer is shifted to the issuing bank, the exporter can recover his amount from the bank as agreed in the standby LOC. Thus, a standby payment guarantee letter frees the exporter from the payment and credit risk.

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Pro Tips:

- The bank providing Standby letters of credit services should be a neutral third party.
- The buyer is assured to get goods & services and the seller is assured of getting payment but it does not provide a guarantee regarding the quality of the goods. Thus, it is vital to know SBLC definition.
- The bank promises to make the full or remaining payment to the exporters as long as they fulfill the requirements of the SBLC agreement.
- A bank/financial institution can issue a standby Letter of Credit as import finance instrument after verifying applicant's credibility.
- It is one of the most frequently used global trade finance instruments in international trade transactions.

FAQs on Standby LC

1. Are Standby LCs safe?

Since they are issued by a bank or recognized financial institution after conducting a thorough check on buyer’s credibility, they are highly secure trade finance instruments. It guarantees an on-time payment to the seller in case the buyer defaults.

2. How to use SBLCs?

The buyer can visit their bank’s branch and request the issuance of a standby letter of credit. If the bank is satisfied, it can issue it in the favor of the exporter.

3. Can I get a confirmed SBLC?

Yes. It can be confirmed like a regular letter of credit.

4. How can I cancel SBLC?

Standby LC is an irrevocable document and thereby it cannot be revoked or canceled without the prior consent of involved parties.

5. Are transferable standby LCs available?

Yes. A transferable standby LOC can be issued by the banks where the original beneficiary can sell or assign their rights to another/second beneficiary.

6. What is the difference between SBLCs and LCs?

A Standby LOC is paid when there is a default made by the importer while an LC is the guarantee of payment after fulfillment of certain terms & conditions. See our "Difference Between Standby LC And Letter Of Credit" to discover the differences between the two.


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