XinFin's XDC Network Is Chosen As the First Blockchain Company To Assist TFD Initiative

As per the latest news on Aug 18, 2021, XinFin's XDC Network, a greatly interoperable, hybrid blockchain platform that holds up global trade and finance, is honored to have been selected as the first blockchain company to assist global Trade Finance Distribution (TFD) Initiative, an institute of trade originators, credit insurers, and institutional funders focused on an agenda to improve automation and transparency in trade resources and risk distribution. 

As far as the concern about the addition of XinFin's XDC Network in the TFD platform, the decision was taken by fintech expert André Casterman, who possess a sound track record of more than 20 years at SWIFT, handling several technology advancements in between inter-bank payments, corporate payments, corporate treasury, and trade finance. Casterman is also liable for leading the TFD Initiative.

Casterman, who is also positioned as Chair of the Fintech Committee at the International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA) explained while undertaking XDC Network, “TFD holds vital importance in offering an inclusive set of trade distribution capabilities. We invite XinFin's XDC Network to TFD Initiative as this empowers us to fill the US$19 trillion trade finance asset class with any type of financier through tokenization and digital assets.”

To build up the trade as an investment class, the TFD initiative is focused on bringing new advancement-based market practices and transaction data particulars, with an agenda of improving the accessibility and transparency of trade processes. This will help establish a more strong trade finance ecosystem where banks can access new types of financiers, like institutional investors and family workplaces. This is how Fintech is ensuring financial development for SMEs in the midst of the pandemic.

The members at the TFD initiative include major worldwide financial institutions and leading service providers such as ABN AMRO, Santander Asset Management, ING Bank, SMBC, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Texel Group, NN Investment Partners, and more. The platform provides a significant contribution towards blockchain to reframe the future of the trade finance sector, which has effectively been carried out in different aspects of finance.

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A first-of-its-sort, public-private hybrid blockchain platform, XDC Network facilitates energy-effective smart contracts and digital asset technology to the trade investment class.

Chris Southworth, Secretary General, ICC United Kingdom who is an onlooker on TFD Initiative explained, “Trade finance is an enthralling asset for institutional investors. Making trade finance more available for non-bank financial backers is of vital significance in case we are likely to boost the economic recovery from the global pandemic and cater to the USD 3-5 trillion SME trade finance gap. Innovative advancement solutions like the TFD Initiative are an essential part of the solution to facilitating greater liquidity into the market.”

Utilizing the power of cryptographic tokens, the XDC network enables digitization, tokenization, and Swift arrangement of trade transactions, decreasing dependence on complex foreign exchange infrastructures. Some of the most important benefits include decreased transaction fees (close to zero), less utilization of energy, proficient affirmation time, twofold approval, and randomization for security ensures.

As per Atul Khekade, co-founder of XDC Network, “Utility networks, like the XDC Network will assist in placing the tracks for a new digital economy and create standards for tokenized trade finance distribution, providing companies with an improved opportunity to emerging markets. XDC is introducing new sources of liquidity, through our smart contract innovation to global trade finance. Partnering with TFD Initiatives will empower us to operate keenly with a range of bank and non-bank originators and contribute to filling the SME financing gap.”

Sarah Green, Law Commissioner for England and Wales explained, “Many newly introduced innovations like distributed ledgers are being encouraged as a way to generate smart contracts - computer programs that work automatically, partially or whole, without any requirement of manual interference. Smart contracts are relied upon to boost efficiency and certainty in business and eliminate the trust issues for contracting parties as the trust rather lives in codes. To guarantee that the jurisdiction of England and Wales remains a serious choice for business, there is a convincing case for auditing the current lawful system in England and Wales to guarantee that it works with the utilization of smart contracts.”

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An underlying arrangement of an SME-centered supply chain finance platform backed by XDC on the back of the TFD Initiative will be introduced in the upcoming weeks.

About XinFin's XDC Network

The XDC Network—made by XinFin—is a worldwide, open-source, assigned evidence of stake consensus network (XDPoS), that empowers hybrid relay gaps, instant block certainty, and interoperability with ISO 20022 financial messaging standards. The network's hybrid architecture is created to aid institutional use in trade finance and tokenization and is prepared to lessen the current finance gap in global infrastructure. With interoperable smart contracts, 2,000 transactions per second, and Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility, the XDC Network facilitates a versatile framework for undertakings and independent local area contributors.

About Trade Finance Distribution Initiative

Trade Finance Distribution Initiative (TFD Initiative) is an industry-supported initiative to make the strategies for global trade finance distribution. TFD Initiative has set up the biggest business community of trade originators, financing platforms, credit insurers, institutional financiers, and their service providers strive to boost the level of automation and transparency in trade resources and risk distribution depending on the innovation-based market practices. TFD Initiative tries to foster standardized best practices for the broad distribution of trade finance resources. It includes common information guidelines, and definitions to resolve functional failures, transparency issues, and risks. TFD Initiative depends on the experiences of its individuals, which incorporates banks, institutional investors, and trade associations. It is backed by Tradeteq, the global trade finance distribution platform.

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