Payments and Transfers

Emerio Banque has been working towards bringing in a new range of payment & transfer products and service solutions to meet the modern international transactional requirements.

Our existing range of services ranges from SWIFT payments commonly referred to as international wires to Foreign exchange operations. Such wide forms of payments and related services help us to serve our clients in a better fashion.

International payments and transfers service

We are fully aware of the responsibilities that we assume when we undertake transactional activities on behalf of our clients. The entire team's focus is on delivering high-quality service at every instance with no fail. Probably, this is why our clients have vouched for our services and we are proud of it.

We guide the clients at every step of the transactional life-cycle. We evaluate the nature of each transaction and suggest appropriate tools to nail the transaction. We believe in creating an air of trust and transparency to let our clients feel at ease with our tailor-made transactional services.

At Emerio Banque, transparency is complemented with complete security of payment and transfer activity. The information that we receive from the client is disseminated to the financial team on a need-to-know basis. We ensure the confidentiality and security aspect is constantly monitored.

We have listed some of our key services below.

SWIFT payments

The reach of Emerio Banque in context to clients from various parts of the globe has been a motivating factor behind adhering to the SWIFT system of international payment. Emerio Banque Swift Code - EMEIGB22

Standing orders

Emerio Banque provides standing orders, wherein our clients notify us about a certain payment that has to be made on an 'X' date. We remit the payments accordingly. Simple and easy!

Foreign exchange operations

Our Foreign exchange market operations include working with currencies, like the Singapore Dollar, Indian Rupees, and US Dollars, to name a few.

For an exchange of up to $30,000, Emerio Banque employs the internal exchange rate in the bank. On the other hand, for amounts beyond $30,000 market exchange rate governs the exchange of currency pairs.

Cheques and banker's drafts

Emerio Banque provides cheques and banker draft services to facilitate international payments. The clients generally have a current or chequing account form where the amount is disbursed.

Nostro correspondent accounts

With Nostro Correspondent Accounts, it becomes easier for the client to receive payments form a bank in any foreign country channeled through their home bank.

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